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RALPH WARD – Business Speaker and Trainer

Corporate execs, board members, CEOs and investors are bombarded with plenty of information on corporate governance laws and regulations… but where do they turn for advice on the real-world concerns that turn up inside the boardroom?

Ralph Ward is an internationally-recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of boards of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of governance worldwide.

Ward is publisher of the online newsletter Boardroom INSIDER, the worldwide source for practical, first-hand advice on better boards and directors. He also edits The Corporate Board magazine, the nation’s leading corporate governance journal, and is author of six acclaimed books for today’s corporate boards: • Board Seeker Guidebook (2018) • Boardroom Q&A (2011) • The New Boardroom Leaders (2008) • Saving the Corporate Board (2003) • Improving Corporate Boards: The Boardroom INSIDER Guidebook (2000) • 21st Century Corporate Board (1997).

Ralph Ward provides multi-day Boardroom Masterclass trainings worldwide, and now delivers keynote speeches on high-interest elements targeted to the needs of your audience!

Speaking and training elements include…

  • THE BEST-PRACTICE BOARDROOM  Here are the best-practice tips (meetings, info, agendas, committees, structure, etc.) that boards around the world use to do a better job, in less time.
  • BUILDING THE NEW BOARD  Young companies gain a powerful head start on success by shaping a board of directors with best practice corporate governance in its DNA. Here’s how to start right with smart structure, talent, meetings and information.
  • DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND THE BOARDROOM  The era of the “pale, stale, male” boardroom is slowly passing… but what must you do to seek, prepare, and assure inclusion for diverse new director candidates?
  • THE EFFECTIVE BOARD LEADER  The governance of any enterprise is only as good as its board of directors… and that board is only as effective as its chairman.  Here are the secrets of the world’s best board leaders.
  • FOR THE BOARD SEEKER…  Gaining that first seat on a board of directors is the ultimate career topper – but also a frustrating, confusing process. Make yourself more “boardable,” learn how board searches really work, and shape your onboarding campaign.
  • WELCOME TO THE BOARDROOM!  You’ve been elected to a board or directors!  Congratulations — but now what?  Before that first board meeting, here is a blueprint to help you learn what you must know before walking through the boardroom door.
  • BOARD TECHNOLOGY OVERSIGHT  Overnight, boards have been forced to gain expertise on demands of technology. AI, cybersecurity, data, quantum computing… and the strategic, legal and regulatory consequences of governance failure. Here is a solid board plan for getting a handle on tech.
  • BOARD RISK OVERSIGHT TOOLS  Financial crises, corporate scandals, global pandemics, tough new regulations…the past decade has seen too many boards shocked by risks and change.  How can your board build effective risk management oversight into its skills?
  • SPECIAL BOARDS – STATE OWNED, FAMILY, PRIVATE  State affiliated corporations face unique governance demands – what are global best practices?  Family business is a huge player worldwide, as are privately-held firms.  How do they manage founder, family and promoter drama?
  • THOSE BOARDROOM BATTLES  Competing boardroom blocs… family business disputes… the “know it all” director… founder squabbles.  What are the biggest drivers of boardroom conflict — and what tools and techniques work best to resolve them?

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