Masterclass and Speaker on High-Performance Boards

Corporate directors, CEOs and investors get plenty of information on corporate governance laws and regulations… but where do they turn for advice on the real-world concerns that turn up inside the boardroom?

Now, Ralph Ward offers training on the global best-practice tools you’ll need to become a world-class director, and shape your board into a powerful, professional fiduciary. You’ll get a solid overview of codes and laws of governance developed by national, regional and global authorities.  Learn the secrets of effective boards, including leadership, structure, membership, organization, legal duties, and building positive boardroom chemistry. Best of all, I chair “virtual board” meetings with your class, as you join to work out solutions to actual governance problems that face real boards of directors.  Enjoy customized information for audiences in Asia, the Middle East, the U.S., Africa and Europe.

  • Learn global best practices for effective boardrooms, collected worldwide.
  • How to make virtual/online governance effective – best practices.
  • Shaping strong board leadership, committees and information systems.
  • Deal with special challenges (founding family battles, government, nepotism, lack of independence, corruption, etc.)
  • Turning diversity and ESG into boardroom reality.
  • Crafting excellent board meetings, agendas, work plans, discussions, procedure and scheduling.
  • Putting an effective program for board diversity into practice (and making it work).
  • Seeking a board seat as part of your career plan?  Here are tips for making yourself “boardable.”
  • How do you respond when the “boardroom crisis” strikes?
  • Meeting the fiduciary duties of directors for risk, for controls, for investors.

Ralph Ward now also offers single-topic Boardroom Masterclass keynote speeches and webinars targeted to your audience!  Click the links below to see previews on…

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Very helpful… keep this speaker on your list!

Should be introduced to all boards… Excellent job!

A great program!

No exaggeration when I say excellent!

Mr. Ward engages his audience well… Content was very useful!

Great program, very useful information and updates that certainly help