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For 2021, it’s past time to admit that the way the world’s corporate boards find, train and best use new directors “simply sucks,” says the lead article in the January issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDERLack of boardroom diversity has drawn worldwide criticism, plus legal and investor demands for quotas.  But BI publisher and governance trainer Ralph Ward writes that diversity is “just one of the board recruiting flaws we need to address.”

Among these – a “limited talent pool” that finds current board members suggesting prospects from their own narrow business and boardroom networks.  “How can you expect outcomes any different from who’s already there?”  Recruiting for titles… not talent.  CEOs and CFOs remain the gold standard, Ward notes, assuring a small, older (and male and pale) talent pool.  This also overlooks rising, more diverse talents with fresher experience in tech, global markets, and other coming fields.

Finally, Ward notes it’s time board nominating committees realize that they should no longer handle modern board search all by themselves.  “Audit committees don’t actually do company audits, so why shouldn’t nominating committees tap exec search firms to finds a broader pool of board talents?”

Articles in the January issue include:

  • 6 tips for smart board committee meeting prep.
  • What we’ve learned about making board risk committees succeed.
  • New BI video series – Making virtual board meetings succeed.
  • Q&A: Oh no! A director lost his laptop (which was packed with confidential board info).

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Ralph Ward’s latest book, Board Seeker: Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom (Business Expert Press) gathers 20 years’ experience in board counseling and research to give “board wannabes” the steps and insights needed to craft a successful board search campaign.
— Here’s why you have more “board experience” than you think (and why your current resume hides it).
— How women can jump the career obstacles they face into the boardroom.
— Finding your board search mentors and networks.
— How board searches really work (and how to turn flaws in the process to your advantage).
— Gaining the attention of board contacts and search firms.
— Prepping for a board interview… and for your first board meeting.


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