Boardroom INSIDER for… JULY



As America’s rising executives and business leaders shape their careers, they encounter one big step up that’s crucial, but frustrating — gaining their first seat on a board of directors.

Even savvy C-suite execs feel intimidated when they first set their sights on a boardroom.  What makes someone “boardable” (and someone else not)?  What skills and experience are sought in board recruiting — and do I really have them?  How do board searches actually happen?

“The boardroom door is now opening, and you may just be able to make your way in. But a board search will demand some new skills, new tools… and an attitude adjustment,” writes Ralph Ward in his new book Board Seeker: Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom (Business Expert Press, July 17).

Ward draws on 20 years experience in board counseling and research to give “board wannabes” the steps and insights needed to craft a successful board search campaign.
— Here’s why you have more “board experience” than you think (and why your current resume hides it).
— How women can jump the career obstacles they face into the boardroom.
— Finding your board search mentors and networks.
— How board searches really work (and how to turn flaws in the process to your advantage).
— Gaining the attention of board contacts and search firms.
— Prepping for a board interview… and for your first board meeting.

Board Seeker answers these and many other questions that make the boardroom such a mystery for career hi-pots.  Its 150 pages include first-hand advice from current boardroom leaders, valuable board search resources, and action checklists.  This new board search workbook lays out a step-by-step plan for turning the boardroom wannabe’s career goals into a reality.

And in the July issue of Boardroom INSIDER:

pink Six signs that you’re not ready to join a board.
pink How one board pro juggles her “virtual office.”
pink Q&A: How can I best mentor company execs from the boardroom?