Maybe it’s Elon Musk at Tesla, Papa John Schnatter at his self-named pizza company, or some lesser-known firm.  The CEO or board chair Tweets, says, or writes something that, in our 24/7 online world, stirs an instant firestorm of controversy.  And that leaves the company’s board of directors struggling to clean up the damage.

“After the CEO has said it, wrote it, or done it, what does the board do?” is the question asked by Boardroom INSIDER publisher Ralph Ward in the online monthly’s September issue.  First, Ward suggests asking something like the headline question above, preferably of the CEO or staff.  “What exactly was said, and what was the context?”  Quickly gauge the responses the company is receiving, who seems most upset, and, most importantly, if there are legal consequences.

The board needs a team approach with legal counsel, and media and investor relations, and should then form its own corporate response strategy (which may not be the same as the CEO’s).  A final tip from BI — discuss this in the boardroom now, before your CEO goes all Donald Trump with his Twitter account.  “Would your board panic — or step up and speak for the company?”

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