Boardroom INSIDER for… MAY



Remember when corporate boards were a quiet group of grey guys passively approving decisions already made by the CEO?  Now, boards find themselves thrust into the front line of tactical business matters… and had better be prepared.

In the May issue of online business monthly Boardroom INSIDER, publisher and business speaker Ralph Ward notes that corporate boards are increasingly hand’s on when it comes to reviewing and negotiating urgent strategic issues.

One May BI article explores how boards must form deal/transaction committees to vet big structural deals such as management buyouts or takeovers.  “The independence and procedural rules put the board in a spotlight on these, and they have to get every detail right,” says Ward.  Another article tackles stock buybacks, and ways boards can fairly judge a plan when buybacks are making headlines (and drawing sharp pushback from regulators).  On buybacks, “boards find themselves in the middle of a hot social/political debate,” Ward writes.  “There are four questions they have to ask.”

Other articles in the May issue include:

pink Why most board education programs are useless
pink Eight ways boards drive managers nuts
pinkQ&A: How should our board help in onboarding a new CEO?

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