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After a month of protests and soul searching on racial justice in America, corporations are rushing to send a Black Lives Matter message with billions in support pledges and promises to increase diversity.  Yet, as the lead article in the July issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDER notes, U.S. corporate boardrooms still remain very pale, male and stale.  And worse, writes BI publisher Ralph Ward, boards are stuck on how to make things better.

Board diversity efforts have been “top down, bureaucratic and often bypassed,” Ward writes, more often PR messaging than results.  Better approachindividual board members need to be the ones working to reshape their boards, personally seeking out and nurturing diverse board prospects and bringing them to the attention of board nominating committees.  “Corporations ultimately can’t make much difference, and boards as a whole can’t either – but you can.”

Articles in the July issue include:

  • 6 rules for re-opening your post-pandemic boardroom.
  • How savvy CFOs gain their first board seat.
  • What we’ve learned about making virtual board meetings work.
  • Q&A: Our board member’s outside company is “tainted!” What to do?

Ralph Ward’s latest book, Board Seeker: Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom (Business Expert Press) gathers 20 years’ experience in board counseling and research to give “board wannabes” the steps and insights needed to craft a successful board search campaign.
— Here’s why you have more “board experience” than you think (and why your current resume hides it).
— How women can jump the career obstacles they face into the boardroom.
— Finding your board search mentors and networks.
— How board searches really work (and how to turn flaws in the process to your advantage).
— Gaining the attention of board contacts and search firms.
— Prepping for a board interview… and for your first board meeting.


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