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 Before corporate boards of directors can hire good managers, shape strategy, or monitor performance, they need a road map for where they’re going.  In corporate boardrooms, these maps are the charters for the board and its committees – but too often these work plans are impractical, outdated, and sometimes even harmful to good governance.

The November issue of online governance monthly Boardroom INSIDER focuses on how boards need to take a closer look at their fundamental committee charters.  “Committees do most of the heavy lifting of governance today, but how they divide and take on their jobs is hobbling good boardwork,” says BI publisher and governance speaker and trainer Ralph Ward.

Articles explore – how the key board committees (audit, compensation, governance, risk, etc.) can take a fresh look at their duties, workloads, and new responsibilities.  “For example, the U.S. SEC now requires much broader corporate cybersecurity disclosure – who should monitor that on the board?”  On that theme, the November BI offers a guide for boards considering a dedicated cybersecurity committee.  While this is now a hot button issue for companies, Ward notes “risk, compliance and technology committees are all adding cyber oversight,” which may allow for better board monitoring of these related concerns.

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