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The first months of 2023 have brought a flood of discussion on generative artificial intelligence tools, casting them as everything from the next wave in human evolution, to a threat to civilization, to a driver of mass unemployment.  The May issue of online governance monthly Boardroom INSIDER offers a narrower focus on AI – how it will shake up corporate boardrooms.

A first possibility “is risk oversight,” writes BI publisher and business trainer Ralph Ward.  He suggests AI tools under the control of the board (and not management) crunching data from within and without the company “to spot early, obscure warning signs” that conventional governance info channels would not (and likely could not) foresee. 

Ward also suggests AI capabilities to streamline board reporting and information, and that ultimately AI advice to the board “will gain the same legal cover as auditors and outside counsel.”  Providing question prompts in board meetings, and automating the “art, not a science” aspects of writing board meeting minutes, are other ways generative AI could reinvent boardrooms.  Ward notes the scary concerns AI can raise for boards, but “if directors can tell AI what they need to do better, how would that not improve governance?”

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