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Q&A: When Divorce Hits the Boardroom (8/98)

The boss (and founder) is getting a divorce. How does the board weigh friendship versus fiduciary duty?

A Boardroom "Generation Gap?" (12/00)

Young and old board members differ in more than just age.

10 Comp Committee To-Do's (10/10)

Ten items to include in your compensation committee tune up.

How One Board Admin Pro Gets the Job Done (12/11)

A seasoned "board administration officer" shares 5 tips for boards that run like well-oiled machines.

Director Independence - What to do About It? (5/10)

Four tips to make sure your board meets new independence rules -- and stays that way.

5 Tips for Savvy Boardroom Travel (11/00)

Because the best board in the world is no good if you can't reliably get them all together in the boardroom.

5 Ways to Tell Your Proxy Season Story (2/15)

Boards are now vital to investor relations proxy outreach.

The Mixed Messages of Board Pay (3/10)

Why do we pay corporate board members to do competing things?

5 Fresh Ideas for Board Wannabes (5/15)

Seeking a board seat for your career plan? Here are 5 new ideas that make a difference.

An Audit Committee Crisis Checklist (10/08)

Five steps to take now when a crisis becomes audit's headache.

Q&A: The Board and an Interim CEO (1/07)

The interim CEO may not stay long, but your board must still build a solid, productive relationship.

Board Liability - Your New Threats (6/11)

Four ways new rules and legal trends add liability danger to the director's job.

Comp Committee Action Items You Need NOW (7/09)

Six items to lead the agenda at your next comp committee meeting.

6 Keys for Writing a Board Ethics Policy (12/13)

A written ethics policy supports board bylaws and offers legal protections -- here's how.

Q&A: Board Size - Is Bigger or Smaller Better? (5/10)

Do smaller boards give better governance -- or are they just facing today's board recruiting realities?

CEO Succession - Is Your Board Doing Its Job? (11/12)

Does your board know inside CEO-track candidates as well as it should?

4 Flashpoints for Ethics in the Boardroom (5/05)

A tough, but useful roadmap for helping your board sort out right from wrong.

5 Hot-Button Items for Your Board Resume (8/15)

Crafting a brief, targeted board resume will boost your board wannabe prospects. Her are 5 tips.

Best Practice Tips for CEO Succession Planning (12/11)

The 5 issues any good CEO succession plan must address.

Corporate Culture - 5 Tips for Reading Yours (11/17)

How well tuned is your board to the corporate culture? Try these tips.

Tech Trend - Info Dashboards for Your Board (9/09)

Info dashboards help directors monitor through essential data and "warning lights."

Will Boards Be "Freed" From Decisionmaking? (11/09)

As boards do more compliance and less governance, will we really need their skills anymore?

3 Tricky Board Meeting Issues - And Solutions (12/17)

Who says agenda items need to be for discussion or decision? How does the chair end board "side discussions?" And how do they know when a discussion has run its course?

Considering a Board "Strategy Committee?" (7/15)

How about a board strategic planning committee?  Here are ideas.

How AFLAC Made Say on Pay Work (3/09)

AFLAC offered an early blueprint on how to effectively manage and win your SOP vote.

5 Ways Boards Can Help Small-Cap Financing (1/13)

Directors can give the small-cap or venture company a leg up in the money hunt -- and also offer a reality check.

5 Tips for the Growth Company Board (2/98)

From startup, to venture funding, to IPO, a company’s demands on its board will change. How do you evolve?.

Board Pay - The 5 Hottest Trends (10/11)

The rise of "stock units," and other director comp trends you should know.

Family Offices and Family Biz Boards - 5 Tips

How your family business is run gives important tips on how it should be governed.

Boardroom Bits - Don Perkins (11/97)

This former NACD Director of the Year's 5 pearls of boardroom wisdom.

How Boards Cripple Interim CEOs (12/10)

You need this interim leader to succeed -- but here are 5 ways boards hobble the task.

Boards & Mergers - 3 Tips (6/98)

Has management been able to sell your board on the value of this deal?

Why Board Presentations Suck (12/09)

... and what smart boards do to assure better ones.

Hot Governance Topics at Your Annual Meeting (4/99)

These evergreen annual meeting questions target your board's oversight -- are you ready for them?

Q&A: Our Multi-Language Boardroom (6/14)

Making boardroom discussion work in different languages.

Global Governance - "Why Doesn't Everybody do That?" (12/14)

Good governance ideas are tucked away in places like South Africa and Dubai - you just have to look.

4 New Roles for Your Audit Committee Chair (6/06)

Chairing the board's audit committee has become a tougher job, with new, unexpected demands.

Q&A: When Do We Pay Our Directors? (6/07)

Quarterly?  Annually?  At board meetings?  Here are best practices.

Online Finds - CEO Succession/Transition Tools (2/13)

Great helpers for making the succession and transition process succeed.

Five FCPA Tips Your Board Must Know (5/12)

Overseas corruption and bribery risks ensnare more companies today.  How can your board watch for compliance?