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6 Pay Tips for Your Compensation Committee (10/04)

Bullet points for major decisions your comp committee must make.

Q&A: What If I Vote "No" at the Board Meeting? (6/01)

When you face a tough call in the boardroom, the choice may not be black and white.

Q&A: Board Coaching for the New CEO (3/01)

The smart incoming CEO builds bridges to boardroom mentors. Here are examples.

4 Questions for Your Board Expenses (4/10)

Is your board budgeted for the reality of today's governance?

Private Company Board Pay Trends (3/19)

Solid benchmarks for private company board paysetting are hard to find.  Here are some tips.

A Boardroom Boost for Women (5/98)

One of the first groups advocating for women in the boardroom remains the best.

A Shakeup for Smaller Reporting Companies (9/18)

The SEC has eased (some) disclosure and reporting rules for smaller corporations.

Surviving Your Board "Crisis" (1/01)

Managing a boardroom crisis means managing not only the company concerns, but also the board relations trauma.

Writing Your Board Diversity Policy (4/18)

A written policy will improve board diversity -- but what should (and shouldn't) it say?

6 Questions to Ask on Financial Statements (3/04)

These simple, but thoughtful, queries can help your audit committee dig beneath the numbers.

Q&A: IR and Board Investigations (5/04)

What must you disclose to investors about a board investigation, and when must you disclose it?

"Commonsense" Governance Remains Uncommon (8/16)

Top business leaders unveil "Commonsense" governance reforms - but do they really say anything?

Outside Director Sessions - 5 How To's (11/02)

Your board's independent directors need to meet in executive session now - here's how to do it right.

Fewer Directors, More Oversight, Less Time (4/99)

Why board must become more efficient to survive.

What Should (and Shouldn't) Be in Your Board Book (2/05)

Board meeting info packs are still stuffed with empty calories, which missing essential nutrients. These 5 tips can set matters right.

Inside Travelzoo's Women-Majority Boardroom (7/17)

Boardroom pro Beatrice Tarka tells how a board with a majority of women can be a better one.

Family Board Transitions - How We Did It (6/98)

How this major family company reshaped its board and governance for a new generation.

Be Your Own Boardroom "Career Agent" (7/03)

Four ways smart boardroom wannabes build a board seat into a career plan.

Q&A: What is Etiquette for a Pre-Meeting Board Dinner? (6/19)

Protocol on do's and don't's for board socializing outside the boardroom.

New Corporate Counsel/Secretary "To-Do's" (10/09)

Five great ways to boost your board's oversight capabilities.

Live From New York - 4 New "Board Wannabe" Tips (3/16)

Dig into your old resumes', know how a board roles differs from management, and other "wannabe" intelligence.

4 Ways Board Investigations Are Different Now (11/06)

The guidance your board needs to conduct a safe, effective investigation.

Board Q's to Ask On Divestitures (11/13)

Boards are better at weighing M&A than dealing with divestitures - here are 4 questions to ask.

Family Biz Boards - More Independent Leaders? (8/15)

Independent outsiders running family boards? More are taking the plunge.

Headhunter Board Calls - What You Should Tell Them (7/17)

When board search execs call, they're listening closely for what you do -- and don't -- say.

Q&A: Board Conflict of Interest Worries (6/09)

VC and private company directors often face hidden conflicts that come back to haunt them.

4 Ways Committee Minutes Differ From Board Minutes (11/14)

Details and legal specifics that should be -- and shouldn't be -- in committee meeting minutes.

5 Thoughts Before Launching a Board Tech Committee (2/16)

More boards are looking at a dedicated technology committee - but do you really need one?

Board Investor Relations in a Crisis (1/09)

Tips on putting your board to work for IR outreach in a crisis (and how they should have been IR active BEFORE the crisis).

Boards & Mergers - 3 Tips (6/98)

Has management been able to sell your board on the value of this deal?

Manager Input on Board Evaluation? (12/12)

Adding manager input to your CEO's evaluation is a growing trend, but build in these 5 safeguards.

The Best Boards You've Never Heard of (8/99)

Why you hear much more about boards that fail than those which succeed.

4 Rules for Judging M&A Deals (4/05)

Four dangers that could be hidden away inside that great deal.

Online Find - Source for Fund Trustees (3/11)

Fund governance has many unique rules for trustees.

Governance Rules and the U.S. "JOBS" Act (5/12)

The 2012 JOBS recovery law shook up some familiar governance rules.

Q&A: Whistleblower Systems and the Board (7/19)

What hotline allegations should rise to the board level? And how does the board respond?

Board Investigations, Step by Step (6/02)

Board investigations are high-stakes, high-pressure affairs -- use these 4 steps as your guide.

Audit Committee Questions for Your Auditor (4/18)

Is your committee asking the auditor the right questions -- and getting the right answers?

5+ Useless Things IT Does When Briefing Boards (2/16)

Your tech people bring you lots of valuable info on IT - but too much of it wastes the board's time.

Q&A: Crafting Your "Board Wannabe" Elevator Speech (9/15)

Quick - can you explain why you'd make a good board member in 3o seconds?