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Q&A: How to be a Better Board Chair (3/08)

If you're elected the new board chairman, you may learn that you don't know as much as you thought.

An Audit Committee Crisis Checklist (10/08)

Five steps to take now when a crisis becomes audit's headache.

Market Turmoil - Do Boards Panic? (4/08)

When markets tank, will your board stand firm -- or melt?

A Boardroom "Generation Gap?" (12/00)

Young and old board members differ in more than just age.

5 Governance "Great Disappointments" (5/11)

Proxy access, pay for performance, and 3 other things that seemed like great ideas at the time.

Saporito's 6 Tips For Lead Directors (9/13)

An HR solon with long experience in spotting lead director talent offers his top tips.

Q&A: Should Our Board Talk CEO Pay With Investors? (7/08)

Telling your board's pay story at the annual meeting and in proxy disclosures.

Q&A: Board Size - Is Bigger or Smaller Better? (5/10)

Do smaller boards give better governance -- or are they just facing today's board recruiting realities?

Shaping Real Board Qualifications (1/09)

Investor activists are fighting to add new members to your boards. The qualifications they pick for their nominees should inform your own director search process.

6 Global Boardroom Tips (5/12)

Your guide to fitting into boardrooms around the world.

Retiring Into the Boardroom - 6 Smart Exec Career Steps (4/16)

Top execs who are winding down their careers use these ideas to launch a second boardroom act.

How Lead Directors Lead (5/06)

First-person advice from a seasoned lead director.

How Leo Hindery Would Beef Up Boards (8/09)

The former AT&T CEO gives his thoughts on improving boards.

What Questions Are Audit Committees Asking? (6/08)

Great thought starters for any audit committee meeting.

Directors Who Vote "No" (5/07)

Unanimous "yes" votes in the boardroom become less universal - are you ready for dissent?

4 Ways to Make "Rules of Order" Work for You (4/98)

Four ways parliamentary savvy will help you get things done in the boardroom.

CFO Succession Tips for the Audit Committee (2/14)

Five questions your audit committee will want answered in selecting a new CFO.

Q&A: Our Bulging Boardroom (6/99)

M&A has left this company with a crowded board. How many is too many, and how to trim?

Who Defines the CEO Job? The Board. (5/04)

"The CEO job is what the CEO makes it" is yesterday's formula.

No More Hiding From Board/Investor Dialogue (4/14)

Investors would like a word with your board -- here is what they want to say.

4 Hot Topics in Director Training (9/04)

What do your board members need to know about now?

Do New CEOs Still "Pick Their Boards?" Maybe. (4/05)

It's tougher for new CEOs to sweep in and turn over boards today -- but they find ways to "reshape" them.

Q&A: Should We Limit How Many Board Seats We Can Hold? (8/03)

Should we limit our members other board seats -- and to how many?

Q&A: How to Disagree in a Board Meeting (4/06)

Being the one director who pushes back is never fun, but these ideas make the contrarian's job a bit easier.

Barbara Franklin's Audit Committee Tips (3/02)

The dean of U.S. audit committee chairs shares 7 gems learned through experience.

Smart Subsidiary Governance - 5 Musts (11/03)

A governance reach that is not too close, not too distant for subsidiaries, joint ventures, and SPEs.

Board Pay is Slowly Recovering (7/11)

Four board and director comp trends you'll want to know.

7 Prep Tips Before Your First Board Meeting (6/16)

A mini-tutorial to help you get up to speed before you first walk through that boardroom door.

4 Next Board Trends From Silicon Valley (1/07)

What boardroom trends in Silicon Valley point toward your board's future?

Q&A: Governance for Our Spinoff Board? (12/14)

The standards for spin off governance (and what's best for parent companies) are changing.

Separate Chair Vs. the CEO/Chair (10/05)

Five subtle ways an independent board chair gains power.

Q&A: What Makes the Board Meeting Different From Others? (10/05)

Why the boardroom really is a different world from any other business meeting.

Staggered Boards - Growing or Slowing? (8/05)

Trends on staggered boards are not as clear as you may think.

Audit Committee Changes and the REST of the Company (5/03)

Five ways audit committee upgrades change relationships throughout the organization.

5 Tips on Board D&O Indemnification (7/09)

Five ways your board and directors can avoid surprises on liability indemnification.

Board Document Retention - Think Before You Shred (5/02)

Company document retention standards are even trickier when it comes to boards and directors - here are 5 rules to remember.

6 New M&A Rules to Remember (2/10)

With M&A dealmaking heating up, does your board know how the rules are changing?

Board Investigations - What Not to Do (10/06)

H-P's botched 2006 investigation showed 6 things your board should never do.

4 Sarbanes-Oxley Cost Cutters (3/04)

Did you catch up with these tips for saving on SOX compliance?

Fresh Ideas for Deferred Board Pay (12/01)

Deferred board pay can make good sense, but double check these tax and planning concerns.