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Chairman Tenure - How Long is TOO Long? (8/16)

Would board chair term limits avoid basing leadership tenure on merit?

Boards - Good on Compliance, Bad on Strategy? (5/08)

As the governance history of Microsoft suggests, a board that meets membership best practice for compliance may not be the best for big ideas.

5 Ways Boards Drive CEOs Nuts (8/01)

What your CEO won't tell you (but should).

6 Questions Boards SHOULD be Asking Auditors (1/12)

Six smart queries that can help you sleep a lot better after the audit committee meeting.

Are Time Bombs Ticking in Your Board Minutes? (10/97)

Advice on what to say (and what not to say) in board and committee minutes.

Making Audit Partner Rotation Work (1/08)

Five tips for audit committees getting the most out of your current -- and new -- auditor.

Five Tips for the Superb Board Chair (7/12)

Here are proven steps to help you become a best-practice board leader.

Is Your Board a "Document Discovery Danger?" (11/11)

Are your directors guilty of these document retention fumbles? Would you know if they were?

Pfizer Scores With Online Board Disclosure (1/03)

Long a governance leader, Pfizer also sets the pace for smart online disclosure.

Better Audit Committee Evaluation (9/08)

In-depth look at how to grade (and improve) your audit committee's performance.

Board Communications - A Survey (8/07)

Six best-practice trends on how boards are talking with shareholders.

Walter Wriston on How Board Leaders Lead (8/09)

The man who remade Citicorp learned a few boardroom leadership lessons over the years.

How Smart Boards Read Analyst Reports (1/09)

Do you know what analysts are really saying about your company?

Setting Your Audit Committee Agenda (9/01)

The seven bullet points your audit committee should cover for success.

Q&A: Does Size Matter in the Boardroom? (12/98)

The ideal size for a modern board of directors? That depends...

6 Board Questions on Stock Buybacks (3/11)

Buybacks are a popular tool for company cash, but here's a primer on what your board should know before saying yes.

Rediscovering the "Duty of Loyalty" (6/17)

Fiduciary duty seems to win out, no matter who nominated a director to the board.

4 Cool Uses for Director Questionnaires (5/07)

This annual housekeeping chore can deliver helpful intelligence on independence, conflicts, and equity ownership.

Audit Committee Disclosures - Trends (10/13)

Four new items investors want to know about your audit committee and its oversight.

My New Book, Board Seeker, Arrives! (Excerpt) (7/18)

For board wannabes - an excerpt from the new book Board Seeker.

4 Roles for the Board in Times of Crisis (9/11)

Reassurance, communications, and keeping everyone focused are a few board crisis jobs.

Salvaging a Boardroom Disaster (10/06)

A governance meltdown at Hewlett-Packard offers 5 tips for rebuilding your boardroom.

Watch for These Headaches with Board Search Firms (3/16)

Headhunters have mostly wrong incentives when it comes to finding board talent - and you make matters worse.

Back to School With Board Evaluation (9/14)

Changes in corporate governance are shifting the rules for effective board evaluation.

How Well Does Your Board Watch Compliance? (1/08)

Your board is responsible for monitoring company legal compliance -- but do you have the tools you need?

Focus On Committees - Rethinking Their Role (5/08)

Juggling how and when your board committees meet is an untapped governance tool.

Q&A: Our "Boardroom Bully" is the Chairman! (3/17)

What do you do when the board leader who's supposed to be the adult in the room acts like a child?

D&O Indemnification - Watch Out For These 3! (12/98)

Hidden vulnerabilities in your D&O coverage.

Compensation Committees in Crisis - 5 Changes (11/08)

A tougher eye for paysetting details and more attention to strategy are some of the new comp committee demands.

Improving Family Boards - 5 Quick Wins (5/17)

Family business boards are tough to improve - here are 5 quick, easy changes to start with.

Update Your Audit Committee Agenda (12/01)

Here are 4 items your current audit committee agenda may be overlooking.

8 Quick Ideas for Better, Smarter Board Meetings (9/15)

Better board meetings, better info, better agendas - here's a grab bag of tips.

Private Equity Boards - 5 Problems (and Fixes) (5/16)

Private equity-backed boards share some common governance troubles.

6 Handy Lead Director Job Descriptions (11/07)

Know just what a lead director should do?  With these examples, you will.

Boards Can Take the Lead on Ethics Programs (9/03)

Your board must spell out these ethics program needs to really set the "tone at the top."

5 Fresh Ideas for Getting More From Boards (3/14)

Every minute spent in board and committee meetings should add value. Here are ideas for making it so.

6 Coming Compensation Committee Trends (11/14)

How to upgrade comp committee structures, processes and talent to meet the new paysetting demands.

Board Leadership - 3 Next Hot Topics (2/07)

Three questions your board should ask itself about its next-gen leaders.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the Boardroom? (12/16)

Do boards use internal controls just to assure themselves that everything's fine?

6 Trends on Director Stock Guidelines (10/12)

Best practice on setting board shareholding by size, pay multiple, time, and other factors.