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Q&A: Dealing With Our "Drowsy Director" (3/18)

Old Bill has been a mainstay of our board for years, but now he's dozing off in meetings.  How do we respond?

Q&A: When is it OK to Resign From a Board? (4/99)

How to tell the difference between leaving in a fit of pique and leaving on principle.

Strategy Committees -- A Global Roundup (8/13)

Considering a board strategy committee?  Here are some best-practice charters.

More IPOs Starting With Strong Governance (11/11)

Four ways companies bake smart governance into going public.

Q&A: How Can Our Board Find Good Diversity Candidates? (12/00)

Smarter networking and fresh talent standards can help overcome the "pale stale male" boardroom.

Saporito's 6 Tips For Lead Directors (9/13)

An HR solon with long experience in spotting lead director talent offers his top tips.

Q&A: Board Conflict of Interest Worries (6/09)

VC and private company directors often face hidden conflicts that come back to haunt them.

Q&A: You Can't Trust Our Board! (5/18)

Our board is waffling on a major investment decision -- help!

Rethinking the "Professional" Director (8/05)

In boardrooms, why is calling someone a "professional" director an insult?

First-Hand Advice on Asking Questions in the Boardroom (9/17)

Board pro Michelle Applebaum tells how she learned to ask smart, productive questions.

The Board Meeting AFTER the Annual Meeting (4/99)

This crucial meeting of the board sets the stage for your next year of governance -- here's how to do it right.

"My Ideal Board Book" (7/02)

Three boardroom legends on what they expect to see in solid board information.

D&O Liability - Looking Out For #1 (6/05)

Five items you'll want to review in shaping your own personal board liability protection.

Board Tech? There's an App for That (9/10)

Smartphone and pad apps for the tech-savvy director.

Tough Questions to Ask on Executive Benefit Plans (6/04)

Do your benefits support the goals you've set for top talent?

A Boardroom "Generation Gap?" (12/00)

Young and old board members differ in more than just age.

New Corporate Counsel/Secretary "To-Do's" (10/09)

Five great ways to boost your board's oversight capabilities.

Board "Compliance vs. Guidance" Squabbles (4/07)

As years of drama in the Hewlett-Packard boardroom shows, good governance demands both.

Compensation Committees-What's Hot (and Not) in Pay (11/08)

The 4 elements of setting exec pay that demand a fresh look.

Q&A: Gloomy Gus in the Boardroom (10/00)

The boardroom pessimist may be raining on your parade -- or may just be right.

Board Incentive Pay -- Plus and Minus (5/01)

Considering "pay for performance" for your board?  Weigh these 4 factors first.

Wanted - Research on Boardroom Best Practices (1/19)

What's the ideal age for electing someone who'll deliver the most boardroom value?  As with so many other governance questions, no one knows.

5 Ways to Bring Your Audit Committee Up to Speed (3/99)

Getting your audit committee ready for its new demands.

Business Leadership Vs. Board Leadership (10/11)

Six ways leading in the boardroom must differ to be effective.

Board Talent Succession - Build Your Pipeline (2/17)

Do an honest inventory of coming board talent needs, and then lay out a plan to fill them.

Q&A: What is Our Audit Committee Missing? (9/04)

Think your audit committee has tightened its standards?  Here are some things you may still overlook.

Q&A: Hashing Out Board Observer Rights (5/16)

Your new investor wants to add board observers.  Here are tips for making everyone happy.

CEO Succession -- Will Your Plan Really Work? (7/13)

Five checks to assure your CEO succession plan is more than just a name on a paper.

Setting Solid Measures for Board Evaluation (3/05)

"You can't improve what you can't measure" -- great advice for your board. Five helpful bullet points.

Q&A: Directors "Ducking Out" of Our Board Meetings (3/15)

When directors come and go during the board meeting, how soon does governance suffer?

Q&A: The "Hostile" Director (9/08)

An activist is pushing a new director into your boardroom -- problem, or opportunity?

Robert Lear on How to Irritate Board Members (8/09)

Four things that drive directors nuts.

8+ Steps on Board Leadership Succession (3/15)

Board leadership is now as crucial as management leadership -- here's how to plan for it.

Focus On Committees - Rethinking Their Role (5/08)

Juggling how and when your board committees meet is an untapped governance tool.

How Chevron Built Its Board's Website (9/07)

World-class ideas for giving your board an online identity.

5 Steps to Individual Director Evaluation (12/06)

Succeeding at the tricky move from grading "we as a board" to "you as a director."

4 Ways to Reshape Your Audit Committee (10/03)

New schedules, new agendas, and other audit innovations.

Q&A: Annual Meeting Spotlight for Committee Chairs? (3/06)

Annual meetings increasingly see pointed questions for board leaders and committee chairs. Are you prepared?

Nine Things Your Board DOESN'T Know (3/18)

These dangers are unfolding right now in the company, and your board doesn't know it.  Why not?

Is Your Board its Own Cyber-Attack Danger? (7/16)

How can your board monitor company data security when you just left the door open to hackers?