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Latest Trends for the Comp Committee (5/99)

Five ideas to improve any board compensation committee.

For (And Against) Board Tenure Limits (6/18)

There are many reasons to avoid board refreshment -- most of them wrong.

Online Find - Board Strategic Risk Tools (7/12)

Good ideas for board risk governance.

The Private Company Board Shift (6/10)

Know these changes that are coming to private company governance.

5 Steps for Naming a New Independent Chair (2/14)

Naming the new board chair has never been more crucial. Answer these questions for a solid process.

Q&A: How is the Nonprofit Board Different? (7/16)

When your background is with private company boards, how do you prep for the nonprofit boardroom?

Fairness Opinions - A Board Briefing (2/01)

The 4 critical questions most boards miss when reviewing a fairness opinion.

Nine Things Your Board DOESN'T Know (3/18)

These dangers are unfolding right now in the company, and your board doesn't know it.  Why not?

How We Keep Our Board Posted on Tech Issues (6/99)

Six ways a major company makes sure directors know how tech is changing their strategy and future.

Q&A: Writing Our Board Confidentiality Policy (1/16)

An big investor has added a new member to our board. How do we keep boardroom secrets... secret?

GM, The Board, and Strikes (8/98)

Boards can play a quiet, but powerful role in settling labor unrest.

Can Activists Drag Boards Back to Their Roots? (1/16)

Activists are pushing boards merge and break up companies at a record pace -- the way it used to be.

Board Evaluation - Setting the Groundwork (9/14)

A nine-point checklist of things to do before you launch a board evaluation.

What Does a "Say On Pay" Really Say? (2/11)

When you look under the hood, a shareholder "say on pay" doesn't say very much.

Online Find - 6 Steps Toward Your First Board Seat (9/09)

The 6 factors that belong on any board wannabe checklist.

Q&A: CEO Pay and Perks Disclosures (8/05)

Your compensation committee may be mislabeling exec pay goodies.

Get Moving on Non-Profit CEO Succession Plans (11/10)

CEO succession can be even more difficult for non-profits. Here are 4 helpers.

Ask These 4 Questions on Your Whistleblower Plan (1/13)

Your corporate whistleblower plan will only deflect litigation if the board first assures its compliance.

Those SEC Disclosure Rules on Board Skills (2/10)

The U.S. SEC now wants your board to disclose the skills and qualifications of directors to shareholders.  Are you delivering?

Do the Feds Want You to Waive Attorney Privilege? (5/06)

Increasingly, prosecutors push corporate clients to waive legal privilege. Here's a board update on making this tough call.

Board Lessons From the Mortgage Meltdown (11/07)

The 2007 subprime mortgage scare offers ongoing lessons for boards that neglect risk exposures.

What Your Governance Committee Should Do (11/03)

Five action items to make the board governance committee effective.

Is Your Compensation Advisor REALLY Independent? (3/13)

Tough new rules on pay advisory independence mean your comp committee needs to dig deeper to comply.

6 Coming Compensation Committee Trends (11/14)

How to upgrade comp committee structures, processes and talent to meet the new paysetting demands.

Board Training - How to Get Your Money's Worth (9/03)

Five ways your directors can learn more about governance, while spending less.

Social Networking for the Board Wannabe (7/15)

Aiming to join a board? Don't forget Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online options.

How We Find Great Non-CEO Board Candidates (2/08)

Seeking more board diversity in career, gender, or skills? Try these 5 tips for finding great candidates.

5 Steps for Inside CEO Succession Planning (7/07)

The most effective CEO succession plan focuses on "growing your own."  Here are 5 tools to help the board assure your plan is working.

6 Ways to Be a Better Board Chair (2/14)

There are lots of clichés we assume of a board leader - but then there are these 6 real-world skills and achievements that make the real difference.

Separate Chairs vs. Lead Directors - Which is Best? (8/08)

The line between a board chair and an independent board leader is blurrier than it seems.

Board Job #1 - Asking Questions (12/11)

The most powerful words a director can say -- "please explain this."

Beefing Up Your Corporate Secretary's Office (4/04)

The corporate/company secretary is the secret of our most effective boards. Here are 4 tips to make the role even better.

When Your IPO Goes Slo-Mo - Board Tips (10/00)

Need to put off going public?  Here's how the board can help.

Q&A: So Why Can't I Land a Board Seat? (7/03)

You've got boardworthy talent and networks.  But here's why they aren't getting you into the boardroom.

Bright Idea - "Wraparound" Board Executive Sessions (4/17)

If an executive session of independent directors is a good idea, could two be better?

Q&A: Chasing Nonprofit Board Liabilities (5/08)

Four nonprofit board dangers -- plus some good resources.

Who is Your Board Leader's Listening Ear? (11/06)

Chair or lead director, the board leader's job today is not only demanding, but lonely.

Strategic Planning for Your Nonprofit (4/15)

Four ways your board can boost strategy at the nonprofit.

Redefining "Long-Term" Performance Pay (3/10)

Longer horizons, and shifting benchmarks and vehicles your comp committee needs to know.

Warren Batts on What Directors Must Learn (8/09)

A boardroom dean tells what he wishes every new director would learn.