Boardroom Certification

Boardroom Readiness Certification Program 

The good news – U.S. boardroom diversity is advancing, with 72% of new Fortune 500 directors from nontraditional backgrounds (women, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.), and 35% boardroom first timers.

The downside – an “inclusion gap” for these these “first generation” board members.  These rising business stars bring fresh new skills and attitudes, but lack the boardroom seasoning and exposure of older, traditional directors. Without this hand’s-on knowledge, the new diverse “hi-pots” will feel excluded and uncomfortable in your boardroom.

That’s why I’ve rolled out a new “Welcome to the Boardroom” certification program. This intensive, three-day online training delivers the essentials executives and new board prospects must know before they walk into the boardroom.

This practical, intense three-day online training delivers the essentials executives and new board prospects need before they walk into the boardroom.  We combine online convenience with close interaction and knowledge sharing. Case studies, “what would you do?” boardroom exercises, and enlightening homework projects guide you through six targeted training modules.

Our director certification program delivers the knowledge and best practices experienced directors tell us they wish they had known before their first board meeting. Not only does board readiness certification offer a valuable supplement to a company’s own director orientation process, it assures the savvy and tools needed to work with a board, to feel vital and included in the company, and to chart a future in the boardroom.

Sessions are limited to 10 attendees per cohort to assure personalized attention. Attendees receive a full workbook of session materials, valuable networking opportunities with other attendees, and free, personalized  follow-up support.

The Welcome to the Boardroom certification program is $1950 per candidate. Corporate or institutional groups of 3 or more save 10%.  Contact me today for more details, questions and registration, or call 1+989-833-7615.


Ralph Ward, long-time editor of Boardroom INSIDER and The Corporate Board, author of six books on governance, and an experienced, CPD-accredited trainer, gives rising leaders the boardroom knowledge needed to succeed.

Day One

Session One: How corporate boards got this way (and why it matters).

  • Background basics on boards and governance.
  • How the corporate board model took over the world–and why it often fails.
  • The changing mandates and makeup of corporate boards.
  • Dangers of board oversights.

Session Two: The structure and workings of the board

  • Why boards are not designed to do the job we now demand of them.
  • Elements of an effective board and governance structure.
  • Your personal director duties.
  • Committee structures, and their growing role.

Day Two

Session Three: The board life – what you must know

  • Planning your board schedule–and making it work.
  • Board income, taxes, and paperwork.
  • Time management demands.
  • Avoiding personal liabilities.

Session Four: Getting ready for your first board (and first meeting)

  • How a new director should prepare.
  • Pre-meeting prep best practices.
  • What most directors miss at their first board meeting.
  • Finding your boardroom mentor.

Day Three

Session Five: What the board doesn’t know

  • How little boards really know about what can go wrong in the company.
  • Board intelligence gathering tools.
  • Boards and the corporate whistleblower system.
  • Working your board and company info sources.

Session Six: Boardroom Flashpoints, and a mock board session.

  • How boards are a surprising source of company crises.
  • What sparks the most common board battles.
  • Managing conflicts of interest.
  • How do we handle our board crisis? (Case study).