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Hacking Into the Boardroom (11/16)

Are your directors making it too easy for hackers to steal company secrets?

No More Hiding From Board/Investor Dialogue (4/14)

Investors would like a word with your board -- here is what they want to say.

Merging 2 Boards - How Bell Atlantic and NYNEX Did It (4/98)

A first-person account of merging 2 good boards into a superlative one.

When a Director Takes Over as CEO (11/01)

Four tips for easing a director into the CEO chair in an emergency.

Q&A: How Should Our Board Manage Risk? (7/07)

Before boardroom risk concerns made the headlines, this article offered a board framework for ERM.

Tough Questions to Ask on Executive Benefit Plans (6/04)

Do your benefits support the goals you've set for top talent?

Annual Meetings - Who Does What? (9/98)

Annual meetings - when, how long, (and where are the directors)?

How Boards Get Rolled on Setting CEO Pay (10/98)

Five ways the deck is stacked against your compensation committee (and what to do about it).

A Board "Wrangler" - How American Express Does It (2/99)

When they need to assemble a board quorum right now, American Express knows who to call.  Here are tips.

Answering Those "Related Party Transaction" Questions (3/07)

What are best practices on board review of related-party deals?

Q&A: Audit Committee Financial Expert - Who, Me? (12/05)

Questions to ask before letting the board hang a "financial expert" tag on you.

Family Biz Boards - 4 Hot Trends (8/15)

New upgrades coming to make family board members better fiduciaries.

Venture Capital Directors - Good For Governance? (7/11)

VC's in the boardroom -- governance solution, or part of the problem?

Special Report-Boards and CEO Succession (11/98)

Build your CEO succession planning infrastructure.

Pitch Your Governance on the Company Website (8/04)

Four questions your boards should ask on making your governance an online IR plus.

Building Your Board "Library" (3/06)

Here's what you need to assemble a handy, online library of company and governance info for your board.

Board Evaluation - New Solutions for Old Problems (7/06)

The 6 crucial areas your board and committee evaluation are overlooking.

A Big Motivator for Board Wannabes (2/16)

An inside tip from a top board recruiter on why you need to rev up your board efforts now.

Fewer Directors, More Oversight, Less Time (4/99)

Why board must become more efficient to survive.

Q&A: When Should a Director Abstain From Discussion (6/10)

Here are some tests to help decide if you need to abstain from a board vote.

How We Keep Our Board Posted on Tech Issues (6/99)

Six ways a major company makes sure directors know how tech is changing their strategy and future.

Boards and Corporate Counsel - Getting Closer (10/02)

Four ideas for making better use of company legal counsel.

Fresh Ideas for Board Wannabes (3/12)

Five-plus tactics, contacts, networks and strategies that savvy folks are using to get boardroom calls today.

Audit Committee Changes in "Materiality" (2/16)

Changes in accounting "materiality" rules will change how your audit committee does its job.

Q&A: Serving on a Joint Venture Board (8/12)

Joint ventures -- where do your boardroom loyalties lie (and where are conflicts hidden)?

Special Committees - Find Your Advisors (7/10)

Your board special committee will need solid outside advice -- who should you trust?

Q&A: When is it OK to Resign From a Board? (4/99)

How to tell the difference between leaving in a fit of pique and leaving on principle.

4 Hot Board Ideas From Around the Globe (10/16)

A roundup of fresh tips for board wannabes, better presentations, board briefings, and more.

Chair Evaluation - 6 Tips for Success (8/16)

Assessing your board's leader is tricky - here are proven best practices.

Q&A: When the Founder and CEO Clash (11/99)

How one board saved the day in rescuing a founder/CEO squabble.

How One Company Makes the Lead Director Role Work (11/97)

Tips from a pioneer in implementing the "lead director" role.

How Curtiss-Wright Shaped its Lead Director (9/13)

Launching a formal lead director role, and the lessons learned.

Board/Corporate Counsel Tips From Bill Ide (9/07)

The former ABA chair on making your counsel/boardroom relationship effective.

6 Coming Compensation Committee Trends (11/14)

How to upgrade comp committee structures, processes and talent to meet the new paysetting demands.

Board Orientation Info - A Peek at Phelps-Dodge (11/00)

Here's everything you need to build your new director's orientation "fact book."

Q&A: A "No Contract" CEO Contract? (4/09)

Did you know that formal contracts for CEO employment are a fairly recent trend?

6 Ways to Be a Better Board Chair (2/14)

There are lots of clichés we assume of a board leader - but then there are these 6 real-world skills and achievements that make the real difference.

Career Moves AFTER You Gain That Board Seat (7/16)

Landing that first board seat is not the end of your career arc, but the beginning.  Here's how.

5 Ways We Make the Nonexec Chair Role Work (3/03)

This prepublic company made a strong nonexecutive board chair a powerful business plus.

The 6 Elements of an Ideal Audit Committee (7/01)

An audit and legal pro offers a 6-point checklist for measuring the value of your audit committee.