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A Boardroom "Generation Gap?" (12/00)

Young and old board members differ in more than just age.

4 Questions for Your Board Expenses (4/10)

Is your board budgeted for the reality of today's governance?

When to Disclose Director Legal Woes (4/11)

A member of your board faces legal action.  What should you disclose, and what must you disclose?

4 Newest Advisory Board Trends (11/11)

Smarter strategic uses, faster turnaround and stronger diversity are a few advisory board indicators.

Good Governance - Not Just for Public Companies (6/14)

Family, private, and state-owned firms, parastatals -- all benefit from a governance boost.

Q&A: A Private Equity Board Hunting Strategy? (12/16)

"The PE world intrigues me, but how can I get attention as a board prospect?"

Boardroom Bits - Charles Elson (5/98)

Law professor and governance activist Charles Elson has learned some valuable boardroom lessons over the years.

How Do You Judge Director "Unfitness?" (1/13)

A board member is indicted, caught in a scandal, or faces controversy -- how do you decide if it's time to say goodbye?

You've Been Sued! An Emergency Checklist (2/03)

The legal papers have just hit your desk as a director of so-and-so... what is your first move?

Piedmont Tries Rotating Chairmanship (4/03)

What if committee chairs took turns chairing the full board meeting? That's what this major utility tried.

Compensation Committees in Crisis - 5 Changes (11/08)

A tougher eye for paysetting details and more attention to strategy are some of the new comp committee demands.

Is Board "Independence" a Myth? (9/06)

Our rules on director independence too often miss the mark.

Fresh Ideas for Deferred Board Pay (12/01)

Deferred board pay can make good sense, but double check these tax and planning concerns.

Q&A: The AWOL Director (5/99)

Ask these questions before deciding that an absent director doesn't take the job seriously.

Vetting CEO Search Candidates - 5 Must-Do Steps (6/12)

Board diligence demands on CEO candidates has risen sharply.  Here are tools to do the job well with the resources available.

Latest Trends for the Comp Committee (5/99)

Five ideas to improve any board compensation committee.

Strengthening the Board's Info Pipeline (10/97)

Who is your directors' "go to" person when they need info?

A Big Motivator for Board Wannabes (2/16)

An inside tip from a top board recruiter on why you need to rev up your board efforts now.

"Shareholder Agreements" as a Governance Tool (9/12)

Laying out legal terms for founders, VCs, and other early investors can smooth governance for growing companies.

4 Ways Boards Are Taking Control of M&A (12/00)

Four questions on details, impact, and structure smart boards ask on dealmaking.

The Board Skills Matrix... How to Use it (1/17)

Putting a skills matrix to work in assessing and improving your board's talent.

Q&A: How is the Nonprofit Board Different? (7/16)

When your background is with private company boards, how do you prep for the nonprofit boardroom?

Q&A: Execs Schmoozing Too Much With Board Members? (8/08)

How to draw the line between good board/executive relations and cronyism?

Q&A: CEO Pay and Perks Disclosures (8/05)

Your compensation committee may be mislabeling exec pay goodies.

Financial Restatements - Fraud Versus Incompetence (12/06)

Your audit committee is more likely to uncover bungling than ineptitude requiring financial restatements.

Enron - The Day Governance Made Headlines (3/02)

Remember the day governance scandals made the covers of supermarket tabloids?

Is Your Board its Own Cyber-Attack Danger? (7/16)

How can your board monitor company data security when you just left the door open to hackers?

Q&A: Helping Our Clueless Board Chair (7/14)

The government named us a board chair who seems hapless -- can we save this situation?

Info Tech Oversight Rules for Your Board (12/12)

Data breaches, hacking... 7 IT oversight tips your board needs before disaster strikes.

A Smart Way to END Your Board Meetings (4/14)

Sometimes, the last question a board leader asks in a board meeting can prove the most fruitful.

Q&A: The Exploding Board Resignation Letter (5/06)

This board's issues are forcing me to resign -- but how much detail dare I put in my resignation letter?

Focus on Committees - Smarter Leadership (5/08)

Four talents your board needs to develop for effective committee leadership.

4 Flashpoints for Ethics in the Boardroom (5/05)

A tough, but useful roadmap for helping your board sort out right from wrong.

4 Big Annual Report Trends for the Board (2/04)

The annual report changes your board will need to know about.

Q&A: When Your Board Must Investigate its Own (4/07)

When one of your own directors falls under suspicion, here are tips for a careful, professional investigation.

Q&A: I've Been Elected an Inside Director... Hooray? (6/02)

The ultimate career boost... or a no-win position?

Audit Committees Get Skeptical (4/09)

Tougher attitudes toward a tougher job.

Board Seats - How Many Are Too Many? (6/98)

Here's how the rules for board service are shifting.

4 Roles for the Board in Times of Crisis (9/11)

Reassurance, communications, and keeping everyone focused are a few board crisis jobs.

4 Board Leadership Pay Trends (4/08)

Changes in governance are shaking up how we pay for board and committee leadership.