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Q&A: How to be a Better Board Chair (3/08)

If you're elected the new board chairman, you may learn that you don't know as much as you thought.

How Smart Boards Read Analyst Reports (1/09)

Do you know what analysts are really saying about your company?

Board Pay - Lots More (and More in Stock) (12/04)

Directors had better learn to love restricted stock.

Audit Committee Changes and the REST of the Company (5/03)

Five ways audit committee upgrades change relationships throughout the organization.

Why Board Liability Will Always be Scary (6/11)

The good news - governance reforms aim to improve compliance.  The bad news - they make life even more dangerous for board members.

Better Board Risk Management - 4 Ideas (7/06)

How is risk oversight and management housed in your board?

A "Chief Governance Officer" - How Kodak Does it (9/03)

A "chief governance officer" saves a lot of boardroom problems.

How About an Advisory Board? (4/99)

Six ways you can put a "non-board board" to work.

Q&A: Does Size Matter in the Boardroom? (12/98)

The ideal size for a modern board of directors? That depends...

Outside Director Sessions - 5 How To's (11/02)

Your board's independent directors need to meet in executive session now - here's how to do it right.

Roman Weil's Rules for Audit Committee Training (7/04)

A finance education legend lays out a 4-step curriculum for education audit committees.

Need Boardroom Yardsticks? Here Are 5+ (8/01)

Equity ownership, director age, who asks questions, and other ways to measure a board or director's value.

Q&A: Family Business CEO Succession Plan Squabbles (2/15)

The CEO/founder says he wants to retire -- but undermines any succession planning.

Q&A: Our Bulging Boardroom (6/99)

M&A has left this company with a crowded board. How many is too many, and how to trim?

Director Education - 4 Fresh Ideas (9/16)

Here's one - how about a practical board plan to educate itself?

How Do You Judge Director "Unfitness?" (1/13)

A board member is indicted, caught in a scandal, or faces controversy -- how do you decide if it's time to say goodbye?

Reg. FD's Hidden Insider Stock Strategy (4/01)

In the U.S, the SEC's Regulation FD offers some unknown helpers in managing your insider stock portfolio.

Why Progressive Dropped Board Option Pay (3/03)

This insurance giant decided restricted stock did a better job of aligning directors with investors.

Does More Board Power = Director "Freelancing?" (7/06)

Will more powerful board members added from outside prompt more dealmaking?

Your D&O Liability - The Overseas Threat (5/07)

New liability dangers from overseas threaten your D&O coverage.

Better Board Business #3 - Telephonic Terrors (1/16)

"Speakerphone" governance makes it easier to conduct board meetings -- but watch out for these dangers.

Q&A: How to Disagree in a Board Meeting (4/06)

Being the one director who pushes back is never fun, but these ideas make the contrarian's job a bit easier.

Q&A: Is "Board Fear" Holding Me Back? (6/17)

Afraid to raise the idea of an outside board seat to your boss? Maybe the problem is you.

Outside Counsel for Board Evaluation- 4 Tips (6/15)

Should you ask your outside legal counsel to aid in evaluation - and how to do so most effectively?

Piedmont Tries Rotating Chairmanship (4/03)

What if committee chairs took turns chairing the full board meeting? That's what this major utility tried.

Q&A: Avoiding Director Conflicts of Interest (10/02)

I'm on two boards with competing talent needs - what do I do?

How is the Separate Chair Role Shaping up? (5/04)

Here are the qualities and roles that go into making a solid independent board chair.

Sizing Up a Board Time Committment - 6 Clues (4/99)

Will you really have time to take on that board commitment?  Try these 6 tests.

Audit Committee Changes in "Materiality" (2/16)

Changes in accounting "materiality" rules will change how your audit committee does its job.

5 Boardroom "Duty of Loyalty" Checkpoints (4/99)

Let's clear up those "gray areas" of your director's duty of loyalty.

Top Board Evaluation Faults (and Fixes) (5/17)

Too many boards avoid evaluation, and then mishandle it.  Here are 5 tips to get back on track.

Who Defines the CEO Job? The Board. (5/04)

"The CEO job is what the CEO makes it" is yesterday's formula.

5 Ways to Bring Your Audit Committee Up to Speed (3/99)

Getting your audit committee ready for its new demands.

Custom Board Training - Do it Right For Less (9/06)

Targeted board training is the new best practice - here's how to do it right.

How We Moved Our Board Online (4/10)

Sturm, Ruger Co. moved its board from paper to data smoothly and effectively. Here's how they did it.

6 Boardroom Alarm Bells You May be Missing (5/10)

Not just unanswered questions, but answers that leave the board feeling uneasy are issues to watch for.

5+ Ideas for Advisory Boards (2/05)

Companies are finding new, surprisingly effective ways to use advisory boards - here's how.

4 Cures for Audit Committee Ills (9/02)

The four most common audit committee "syndromes" - and how to fix them.

7 Questions to Ask on the Company & Social Media (2/13)

Does your board know what the world of LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is saying about your company?  Here's how to find out.

4 Steps to Board Succession Planning (7/14)

Why do boards put off planning their own talent needs when it only takes these 4 easy steps?