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The Family Business Board (2/98)

Family business boards   - consider adding an independent, outside director? Here are 6 reasons why.

What's So Great About "Boardroom Culture?" (9/12)

Point #1 -- there is no "boardroom culture."

Why Rock the Boat? (7/12)

In the boardroom, there are few motivators to speak out, and too many to stay quiet.

Q&A: The "Hostile" Director (9/08)

An activist is pushing a new director into your boardroom -- problem, or opportunity?

A Job Description for Your CEO (2/98)

Is your CEO job description a REAL job description?  It is if it meets these 7 tests.

Corporate Counsel & Boards - The New Relationship (8/06)

Four ways you never considered how your legal counsel can help the board do a better job.

5 Board Risk Management Tools (9/09)

Building your boardroom machinery for overseeing and managing risk.

Who Administers Your Board? (12/97)

Four tasks needed to make any board run smoothly.

The New Etiquette of Board/Staff Contacts (11/00)

Four steps for shaping good board/staff dialog policies.

A Pay Expert for Your Comp Committee? (12/03)

Your comp committee needs to know more about pay technicalities now.

When a Director Takes Over as CEO (11/01)

Four tips for easing a director into the CEO chair in an emergency.

Governance Committee "How -To's" (2/98)

So what exactly is a board "governance committee" supposed to DO?

"Hidden" Director Conflicts as the Next Proxy Battle (3/14)

Do your directors have interlocks that an activist shareholder can uncover?  How will they look to other investors?

Online Finds: 4 Hidden (Free) Governance Resources (6/08)

Check out these long-time leaders in online governance tools.

Building the Post-Bankruptcy Board (7/08)

Throwing together a quick board after bankruptcy is mistake #1.

Fraud Hunting on the Audit Committee - 6 Clues (6/99)

A forensic fraud expert shares tips on where to sniff out audit mischief.

Is Your Compensation Advisor REALLY Independent? (3/13)

Tough new rules on pay advisory independence mean your comp committee needs to dig deeper to comply.

4 Sarbanes-Oxley Cost Cutters (3/04)

Did you catch up with these tips for saving on SOX compliance?

Board Evaluation - Liability Dangers? (5/01)

Could a strong board evaluation effort come back to haunt you?  Yes, unless you remember these 3 liability firewalls.

Pay Disclosure Lawsuits - How to Fight Back (3/13)

Four tools to help your compensation disclosures stand up to strike suit challenges.

Q&A: How Can Our Board Find Good Diversity Candidates? (12/00)

Smarter networking and fresh talent standards can help overcome the "pale stale male" boardroom.

What is Your Director "Job Status?" (6/99)

Not an employee, not a contractor -- a board member holds a unique status that can bring advantages.

6 Boardroom Alarm Bells You May be Missing (5/10)

Not just unanswered questions, but answers that leave the board feeling uneasy are issues to watch for.

Are Boardrooms the World's Last "Privacy Zone?" (7/17)

In a "show all" online world, the boardroom keeps the doors firmly shut -- but should it?

Your First Post-Enron Audit Committee Meeting (4/02)

Think the title dates this? In fact, this article offers 6 great evergreen action items for a quick audit committee checkup on your control environment.

Putting Your Board Retreat to Work (4/98)

Board retreats are a great strategic tool -- especially with these 5 tips.

5 Must Haves for Shaping Your Board Technology (1/04)

Five timeless ideas on how you should (and shouldn't) add tech to make your board more effective.

Board Risk Oversight - A 3-Point Plan (4/15)

Deciding the risk oversight model you board should use, and then making it work.

Prepping for SEC Pay Ratio Disclosures - 5 Tips (9/15)

Will you be able to sell your CEO/employee pay ratio to investors?

5 Ways Boards Drive CEOs Nuts (8/01)

What your CEO won't tell you (but should).

Separate Chair Vs. the CEO/Chair (10/05)

Five subtle ways an independent board chair gains power.

4 Questions to Ask on Your Audit Plan (11/06)

Your audit committee work is only as effective as the company's annual audit plan.

Board Leadership - 3 Next Hot Topics (2/07)

Three questions your board should ask itself about its next-gen leaders.

Can Your Board Spot Misconduct Red Flags? (4/11)

Controls and whistleblower systems are only as effective as your board's response.

Q&A: Directors "Ducking Out" of Our Board Meetings (3/15)

When directors come and go during the board meeting, how soon does governance suffer?

Who Sets Your Board Agendas? (10/04)

Who starts the agenda-writing process, who reviews it, and who evaluates it?

Are Corporate Boards TOO Focused? (10/16)

Does ever-tighter board focus on compliance and numbers squeeze out the strategic insight boards deliver best?

Q&A: Tempting Reluctant Board Candidates (12/09)

Here are hidden persuaders that convince a great board prospect to say yes.

Online Find - 6 Steps Toward Your First Board Seat (9/09)

The 6 factors that belong on any board wannabe checklist.

Q&A: How Should Our Board Review Disclosures? (7/10)

Word-for-word disclosure review is only the first step in good oversight.