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How Idealab "Mass Produces" Boards (9/98)

A busy venture firm hatches many startups  -- and their boards. Here are tips.

5 Tips on Board D&O Indemnification (7/09)

Five ways your board and directors can avoid surprises on liability indemnification.

Tips for the Excellent Board Chair (5/15)

Five techniques the best board chairs use to lead.

Nonprofit Board Pay and Perks (2/11)

Almost no nonprofit directors get paid -- but there are other "compensations."

"Consent Solicitations" and Why They're Scary (10/13)

Do you know about this rare (but scary) activist tactic?

How Long Should a Director Search Take? (4/16)

Three months - six months - a year?  Here's advice on how long a board search should take (and how to improve it).

Q&A: Should I Seek a Board Mentor? (7/12)

If you're new to the board, should you seek a mentor -- and who?

The Private Company Board Shift (6/10)

Know these changes that are coming to private company governance.

Q&A: What's the Etiquette on Board Referrals? (6/12)

Do I really know this director well enough to drop his name for a board reference?  And when do I ask someone else to?

Online Find - 6 Steps Toward Your First Board Seat (9/09)

The 6 factors that belong on any board wannabe checklist.

Can Activists Drag Boards Back to Their Roots? (1/16)

Activists are pushing boards merge and break up companies at a record pace -- the way it used to be.

Board Incentive Pay - Hot Trend or Dead End? (5/06)

Paying members of your board based on company performance - what could go wrong?

Q&A: Annual Meeting Spotlight for Committee Chairs? (3/06)

Annual meetings increasingly see pointed questions for board leaders and committee chairs. Are you prepared?

4 Hot Board Evaluation Trends (10/03)

Asking awkward questions has become the rule in evaluation.

Evaluating Your Governance Committee (2/11)

As board "nominating" committees evolve into "nominating and governance," use these checks to see how it's performing.

Do You Really Know How to Chair a Board? (3/09)

Chairing a board has become more of a real job -- how do you know if you're up to it?

Shaping Better Private Company Boards (10/15)

Five great ways to improve private company board paperwork, people and procedures.

5 Steps Toward Board Benchmarking (7/99)

Before you evaluate your board, benchmarks the governance standards you seek.

Board/Corporate Counsel Tips From Bill Ide (9/07)

The former ABA chair on making your counsel/boardroom relationship effective.

Why Boards See With a CEO's Eyes (12/12)

Most of what a board knows about the company comes via management. How do you look outside the boardroom box?

4 Urgent Board Timesavers (3/02)

When your board has to get more done in less time, put these 4 tips to work.

Top Board Evaluation Faults (and Fixes) (5/17)

Too many boards avoid evaluation, and then mishandle it.  Here are 5 tips to get back on track.

Director Education - Be It Resolved... (9/16)

Before your try to train your board, try a board resolution spelling out goals and specifics.

Back to School With Board Evaluation (9/14)

Changes in corporate governance are shifting the rules for effective board evaluation.

When Director Notes Attack (3/04)

Whatever you jot on the margins of your board meeting notes can come back to haunt you -- here are examples.

Corporate Boards - Who Needs the Grief? (6/02)

Why did you say you want to join a board of directors?

What Should You "Say on Pay?" (11/10)

Telling a compensation story that sells your Say On Pay vote.

Q&A: When Your Own Directors Sue (2/08)

How can your board respond when one of its own members sues the company?

4 Things Your Board Must Know on Company Litigation (8/15)

Ask these 4 questions about legal threats facing your company.

6+ Fund Board Trends (1/11)

Mutual fund boards face tighter regulation by adding these governance upgrades.

A Boardroom Boost for Women (5/98)

One of the first groups advocating for women in the boardroom remains the best.

When You Face a "Change in Director Job Status" (1/09)

When a board member has a "change in job status" on the outside, how should your board respond?

Auditor Conflict? Questions You Must Ask (10/05)

Four hidden conflict items that could make your auditor a legal danger.

Boards-Do We Measure What's Easy... Or What We Need? (5/16)

Research and media focus on big Fortune 500 boards. This ignores all the others with good ideas.

The Incoherent Way We "Hire" Directors (1/12)

To hire top execs, we have search firms seek top talent, proven skills, and targeted experience. Board recruiting? Not so much.

Be Your Own Boardroom "Career Agent" (7/03)

Four ways smart boardroom wannabes build a board seat into a career plan.

A Director "Duty to Contribute?" (5/15)

If directors had a positive duty to deliver value, would you be in compliance?

How to Pay - Separate Chairs, Lead Directors, Etc. (7/05)

What are pay rules for the new board leadership roles?

Q&A: How Much Should a CEO Tell the Board, When? (10/12)

When a business matter is delicate and confidential, how open should a CEO be with the board?

New Director "Hazing" at Malinckrodt (6/98)

They tell new directors "Be prepared to roll up your sleeves" -- and the directors deliver.