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Our Inbred Corporate Boards (4/17)

Despite an uptick in diversity, most board members are still pale, male and stale.

4 Ways to Reshape Your Audit Committee (10/03)

New schedules, new agendas, and other audit innovations.

Comp Committees Face a New World on Stock Options (8/03)

Compensation committees have learned that options are not as useful as they once were.

Who's Your "Assistant to the Board?" (9/07)

Who on the company staff manages "care and feeding" of your board -- and should you upgrade the role?

How We Find Great Non-CEO Board Candidates (2/08)

Seeking more board diversity in career, gender, or skills? Try these 5 tips for finding great candidates.

Shaping Policies for Board Stock Trading (12/97)

Four steps for a comprehensive, legal director stock policy.

Board Special Committees - 5-Point Checklist (8/06)

Step-by-step on forming and empowering a board special committee.

How to Pay - Separate Chairs, Lead Directors, Etc. (7/05)

What are pay rules for the new board leadership roles?

4 Trends for Your Nominating Committee (4/03)

Evolving your nominating committee into a governance monitor.

Mo Seigel on When a Founder Should Step Down (8/99)

How the Celestial Seasonings tea founder knew it was time to pass the torch.

Q&A: Annual Meeting Spotlight for Committee Chairs? (3/06)

Annual meetings increasingly see pointed questions for board leaders and committee chairs. Are you prepared?

Q&A: When Divorce Hits the Boardroom (8/98)

The boss (and founder) is getting a divorce. How does the board weigh friendship versus fiduciary duty?

Q&A: What is Our Audit Committee Missing? (9/04)

Think your audit committee has tightened its standards?  Here are some things you may still overlook.

Why Your Board Must be On Top of Compliance - 5 Tips (12/97)

Building your board into the company's compliance structure.

5 Questions Your Audit Committee Must Ask (2/02)

"What are the vulnerabilities of our financial reporting system?' and other queries that help your audit committee dig beneath the surface.

Should Boards "Express Their Support" for the CEO? (8/12)

Why your board publicly stating its support for the CEO could be the worse thing it does.

"Consent Solicitations" and Why They're Scary (10/13)

Do you know about this rare (but scary) activist tactic?

Do You Really Know How to Chair a Board? (3/09)

Chairing a board has become more of a real job -- how do you know if you're up to it?

Roman Weil on Board "Financial Literacy" (6/14)

The definition of audit committee "financial literacy" is shifting, says this dean of finance.

Who's Eavesdropping on Your Boardroom? (3/17)

Today's boardroom is a showcase of hi-tech networking and communication toys.  Hackers appreciate that.

5 Great Ideas for Better Board Logistics (8/99)

Five-plus ways smart company secretaries keep boardroom humming.

Fairness Opinions - A Board Briefing (2/01)

The 4 critical questions most boards miss when reviewing a fairness opinion.

How Lead Directors Lead (5/06)

First-person advice from a seasoned lead director.

5 Tips for the Growth Company Board (2/98)

From startup, to venture funding, to IPO, a company’s demands on its board will change. How do you evolve?.

How About a "No Committee" Board? (11/02)

The full board functions as all the committees -- tricky, but there are benefits.

6 Trends on Director Stock Guidelines (10/12)

Best practice on setting board shareholding by size, pay multiple, time, and other factors.

"Ugly American" Corporate Governance (7/02)

Remembering the year U.S. corporate governance went from being a global standard to an embarrassment.

Quiet Revolution in Board Pay (10/04)

Three big shifts in board pay tools, goals and delivery.

Items for Your D&O Liability Checklist (1/14)

Four questions that you likely never thought to ask about your board D&O liability coverage -- and how it could fail when you need it most.

Don't Lose Boardroom Savvy When Directors Retire! (4/03)

Your board loses institutional memory every time a member leaves. Try these tips to avoid the brain drain.

Tech Trend - Info Dashboards for Your Board (9/09)

Info dashboards help directors monitor through essential data and "warning lights."

When Internal Controls Don't Control (Again) (10/15)

Why do internal controls fail boards so often (as in the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal)?

Q&A: How Can I Learn to be a Board Chair? (1/09)

How can I learn to be an effective board chair?

Director Education - 4 Fresh Ideas (9/16)

Here's one - how about a practical board plan to educate itself?

Don't Flunk the "75% Board Attendance" Test! (8/17)

Public company boards are now being graded on director attendance.  Will you pass?

5 CEO Evaluation Fumbles (4/08)

Weak, conflicted evaluation mechanics is just one of the common problems.

Q&A: Serving on a Joint Venture Board (2/12)

Answers on how to decide where your JV boardroom loyalties lie, and sorting out hidden conflicts.

Boards - Fatally Flawed (And Why That's Good) (7/16)

If we accept there are no "big fixes" for what's wrong with boards, maybe we'll focus on the "little fixes."

How to Fight CEO Severance Battles (5/01)

The best way to handle CEO golden parachute issues is to use care in packing them at the start.

Tools for Writing Killer Board Info Summaries (3/15)

Here's how pros sharpen the info that goes into their board books.