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At Bank of America, Directors Proves Their Own Toughest Critics (10/97)

BofA was an early leader in making board self assessment succeed.

6 Checkpoints for Your Insider Trading Plans (3/13)

With rules tightening on both exec and director stock trading plans, you'll want to know these 6 pointers.

4 Ways Startups Can Put Boards to Work (5/99)

Getting boardroom talent is tough for young companies -- are you making the best use of them?

The Board Meeting AFTER the Annual Meeting (4/99)

This crucial meeting of the board sets the stage for your next year of governance -- here's how to do it right.

"Lame Duck" CEO? 4 Board Transition Tips (4/14)

The old CEO has not left yet, and the new one not yet started. How can the board help during this transition?

Q&A: Our Multi-Language Boardroom (6/14)

Making boardroom discussion work in different languages.

Q&A: So What Defines a Board "Vacancy?" (11/05)

A "vacancy" exists only when the board is looking -- here's how to spot one that is.

Q&A: Building "Chinese Walls" Between Your Boards (9/01)

What you learn in the boardroom needs to stay in the boardroom.

Board Ethics Training Tips (6/07)

These tips will help you customize board ethics training that both raises the bard and impresses regulators.

4 Ways Committee Minutes Differ From Board Minutes (11/14)

Details and legal specifics that should be -- and shouldn't be -- in committee meeting minutes.

Danger Zone - Your Chats Outside the Boardroom (1/05)

Your informal director discussion outside of board meetings may trigger liability dangers.

Joint Venture Boards - Trends and Best Practice (2/12)

Joint ventures can be great strategic tools -- especially with these 4+ governance ideas.

Q&A: Your First Board Meeting (2/05)

You walk through that boardroom door for the first time... what then?

Board Investigations, Step by Step (6/02)

Board investigations are high-stakes, high-pressure affairs -- use these 4 steps as your guide.

Strategic Planning for Your Nonprofit (4/15)

Four ways your board can boost strategy at the nonprofit.

Q&A: How to Plan a Board/Investor Chat (3/13)

Dangers, yes, but also potential benefits -- if you plan your board/investor discussions with strategy and goals.

Your Board as an Alliance Matchmaker (7/98)

Directors can be powerful contacts for joint ventures and strategic alliances -- but use care.

5 Tips For Compensation Clawbacks (11/12)

The terms and language for exec comp clawback clauses have tightened up - are you prepared?

A Pay Expert for Your Comp Committee? (12/03)

Your comp committee needs to know more about pay technicalities now.

5 Helpers for Crafting Your Board Resume' (10/16)

Five crucial points that make the board resume different from your regular career vitae.

Board Retirement Policies - Who Does What? (3/99)

Notes in passing on how board tenure and retirement policies have evolved.

When a Director Takes Over as CEO (11/01)

Four tips for easing a director into the CEO chair in an emergency.

Interim CEOs - 4 Board Issues (12/09)

Tips for making the temporary (but crucial) board/interim CEO relationship succeed.

5 Issues With Shareholder Agreements (12/15)

"Shareholder agreements" are handy for family, private or venture companies -- but only if you avoid these pitfalls.

Board Wannabes - Dig Deeper Into Your Networks (11/16)

Your network already includes some great board search contacts- you just haven't explored them yet.

Good Governance - Not Just for Public Companies (6/14)

Family, private, and state-owned firms, parastatals -- all benefit from a governance boost.

Who's Sitting at That Board Table With You? (6/12)

Judge your fellow directors on more than their vitae and contacts -- their ethics could bring down the company.

4 Questions to Ask on Your Audit Plan (11/06)

Your audit committee work is only as effective as the company's annual audit plan.

Boards and Corporate Counsel - 5 Ideas (9/98)

Solid ideas for building your board's relationship with company counsel.

Q&A: Writing Our Board Confidentiality Policy (1/16)

An big investor has added a new member to our board. How do we keep boardroom secrets... secret?

Q&A: Easing Out the "Seat Occupier" (10/97)

Walter Wriston's classic advice on dealing with the boardroom non-contributor.

When Directors Take the Stand (12/03)

More directors are called to testify now. Remember these 5 tips to avoid disaster.

Building Good Board/CEO Chemistry (5/04)

Four ways smart CEOs build bridges with their boards.

Q&A: How Should CEOs Keep the Board Updated? (11/08)

How smart CEOs balance pestering directors versus keeping them in the dark.

Special Report -- Audit Committees in Crisis (2/02)

Timeless audit committee tips learned from the Enron meltdown.

Q&A: Gloomy Gus in the Boardroom (10/00)

The boardroom pessimist may be raining on your parade -- or may just be right.

Q&A: Directors for "Scaling Up" Our Venture (11/12)

Finding director to help in scaling your startup gives boardroom skill you can grow into.

Steps for Board Fraud Investigations (3/07)

The 4 major steps your audit committee must take to launch an investigation.

Strengthening the Board's Info Pipeline (10/97)

Who is your directors' "go to" person when they need info?

Setting Your Compensation Committee Calendar (12/15)

How to plan out your comp committee's year (and make it more productive).