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Evaluate Your Compensation Committee (6/04)

Six questions to help you gauge your comp committee's talent and performance.

6 Things You Need in Your Board Resume (6/15)

In seeking a board seat, don't bury your boardroom assets under a big resume, and other tips.

Board Info Security - 4 Scary Holes (3/11)

Leaks, hacks, insider tipping -- could members of your board be part of the problem?  And what can you do?

Q&A: Director Liability "Indemnification Agreements" (6/04)

Your D&O policy should be the last of the liability firewalls protecting your directors.

Board Retirement Policies - Who Does What? (3/99)

Notes in passing on how board tenure and retirement policies have evolved.

5 Board Bylaw Tuneups You'll Need Now (10/10)

Five bylaw "technicalities" that could blow up into governance disasters.

Retiring Into the Boardroom - 6 Smart Exec Career Steps (4/16)

Top execs who are winding down their careers use these ideas to launch a second boardroom act.

Rethinking the "Professional" Director (8/05)

In boardrooms, why is calling someone a "professional" director an insult?

Q&A: CEO Evaluation Shyness (6/98)

It's time we start regular CEO evaluation -- but how do I bring the topic up?

What is Your CEO's "Realizable" Pay? (10/12)

There are at least 3 different versions of your CEO's pay numbers - your comp committee must defend them all.

5 Board Meeting Minute Musts (12/03)

Five dangers in your minutes -- and 5 tips to avoid them.

Q&A: What Makes the Board Meeting Different From Others? (10/05)

Why the boardroom really is a different world from any other business meeting.

Q&A: Setting Our CEO Expense Policy (4/15)

Avoid CEO spending troubles before they arise.

Board Document Retention - Think Before You Shred (5/02)

Company document retention standards are even trickier when it comes to boards and directors - here are 5 rules to remember.

Q&A: Should We Rotate Our Committee Chairs? (4/10)

Fresh perspectives versus proven talent... here are the facts on committee chairs.

Q&A: Does Size Matter in the Boardroom? (12/98)

The ideal size for a modern board of directors? That depends...

5+ Ideas for Working With Internal Audit (9/99)

Questions to ask, and advice you should receive from your inside auditor.

Add a Corporate Secretary to Your Board? (11/13)

Recruiting an outside corporate secretary gives your board vital governance skills (and your own company secretary an ally).

The Online Board (3/98)

Six timeless ideas on how your board should interact with the company's online presence.

Board Wannabes - 5+ Tips for Women (11/98)

A board pro's tips on how women can gain an edge in seeking board seats.

The Upside (and Downside) of "Going Dark" (7/05)

Some companies ease out of the public markets by "going dark" -- what your board should know.

Director Education - Be It Resolved... (9/16)

Before your try to train your board, try a board resolution spelling out goals and specifics.

Setting Your Compensation Committee Calendar (12/15)

How to plan out your comp committee's year (and make it more productive).

Why Should a Corporation Live Forever? (6/09)

Two-hundred years ago, the idea of a corporation outliving its founders would seem bizarre. What changed?

Can Activists Drag Boards Back to Their Roots? (1/16)

Activists are pushing boards merge and break up companies at a record pace -- the way it used to be.

5 Clues to Your Boardroom "Pecking Order" (7/01)

Insider tips for gauging how power is really divided up in your boardroom (and where you rank).

Compensation Committees-What's Hot (and Not) in Pay (11/08)

The 4 elements of setting exec pay that demand a fresh look.

Q&A: Does the CEO's "Problem" Harm the Company? (3/98)

The CEO has been caught in some outside unpleasantness -- how long should your board keep the faith?

Q&A: Board Size - Is Bigger or Smaller Better? (5/10)

Do smaller boards give better governance -- or are they just facing today's board recruiting realities?

So Why DO People Serve on Boards? (1/14)

How about some "motivational research" on why people take on a boardroom role?

Shaping Better Private Company Boards (10/15)

Five great ways to improve private company board paperwork, people and procedures.

Q&A: My Board Has Grown Stale -- Help! (3/14)

How can you tell when a board is burning you out -- and are there ways to rekindle the fire?

Board Communication - 24/7 Board Access? (8/07)

Will tomorrow's directors have to be instantly accessible?

Q&A: Our "Boardroom Bully" is the Chairman! (3/17)

What do you do when the board leader who's supposed to be the adult in the room acts like a child?

Q&A: Nonprofit Boards and Hard Times (12/08)

In a recession, the boards of nonprofits face even tougher decisions.

Walter Adams - 5 Governance Gems (8/09)

A dean among board chairmen shares his tips on agenda, meetings and smart time usage.

Q&A: Easing Out the "Seat Occupier" (10/97)

Walter Wriston's classic advice on dealing with the boardroom non-contributor.

Jill Griffin's 5 Board Wannabe Tips (7/16)

"It's a long path, and you have to persevere."  Here are 5 ideas.

5 Boardroom "Duty of Loyalty" Checkpoints (4/99)

Let's clear up those "gray areas" of your director's duty of loyalty.

Is Your Board Seeing the Right Financials? (11/04)

"There are at least 7 different types of accounting." Which type does your audit committee see?