Boardroom INSIDER for… MARCH



(March, 2017) Think of a corporate boardroom as a vintage man-cave of oak and leather?  Today’s boardrooms are increasingly hi-tech conference zones with all the digital and communication toys imaginable for global business.  But that can raise new dangers, according to articles in the March issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDER.

BI publisher and business speaker Ralph Ward writes that use of online board portals has exploded over the past decade to become the digital nexus for sharing board reports and updates.  These tools allow valuable insights on who on the board downloads info, how much time they spend, and who reviewed what, when.  While such analytics are valuable for improving the board’s governance, “they would prove really handy to anyone suing the company and trying to prove board negligence.”  The BI article explores ways boards can use portal analysis to evaluate themselves, without the dangers.

But tech tools have created many other threats to the modern boardroom, Ward writes in the March BI.  Tech consultants have found that board teleconferencing platforms using a popular Android software are vulnerable for hacking to tap top-level discussions.  Your fancy video display system can be hacked to see what board members are viewing — and even monitor them.  Even directors’ own smartphones and iPads can be penetrated for real-time boardroom snooping.  “How valuable would intelligence on what you say and do in the boardroom be to the wrong people?” Ward asks.

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