Boardroom INSIDER for… JUNE



(June, 2017) America’s top C-suite-level executives will now gain access to thought leadership on corporate board and governance intelligence through a new partnership between Ralph Ward’s Boardroom INSIDER and the C-Suite Network.

C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-suite leaders, hosts a variety of partners who share content with its members. The Boardroom INSIDER partnership is significant as it expands its content and knowledge base for the network’s board and director audience. Boardroom INSIDER is the flagship publication of Ralph Ward, business speaker, leader of global Boardroom Masterclass seminars, and governance writer and adviser.

Boardroom INSIDER and C-Suite Network have joined forces to share boardroom intelligence and advice on the C-Suite Network’s membership site. “At the C-Suite Network, we provide our members with first-hand expertise in the areas they are striving for success,” said CEO Thomas White. “This partnership will provide members the educational advice and conversational topics to support their goals when it comes to the boardroom.”

Adds Ralph Ward, “We’ve launched a members-only “Boardroom INSIDER” council within the C-Suite Network platform, sharing content, discussion, leads, podcasts and board advisory support.  C-suite members can now both improve their companies’ governance and advance their personal boardroom careers.”

Ralph Ward is an internationally-recognized writer and speaker on the role of boards of directors, boardroom leadership, and the future of global governance and boards in corporate career planning, including the Boardroom Masterclass seminars and speeches. He is publisher of the online Boardroom INSIDER newsletter, the worldwide source for practical, first-hand advice on better boards and directors. Ward also edits The Corporate Board magazine, and is author of five books; Boardroom Q&A, The New Boardroom Leaders, Saving the Corporate Board, Improving Corporate Boards: The Boardroom INSIDER Guidebook, and 21st Century Corporate Board.

C-Suite Network is the world’s most trusted network of C-suite leaders, with a focus on providing growth, development and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of vice president and above. C-Suite Network brings leaders together through a private online community for executives, and also offers invitation-only conferences held three times per year, custom-tailored content on the C-Suite Network blog, C-Suite TV, C-Suite Radio, C-Suite Book Club, and educational programs from C-Suite Academy. Learn more at

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