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(May, 2015) “I’d like to join some boards” is a thought that strikes many executives as they ascend to corporate “hi-pot” status.  Yet most know surprisingly little about just how to make this career move into the boardroom, or what to expect when they get there.

An article in the May issue of online governance monthly Boardroom INSIDER demystifies this jump into the boardroom with “5 Fresh Tips for Board Wannabes.”  BI publisher and board commentator Ralph Ward has expanded BI’s services to one-on-one board career consulting, and finds that rising executives “want to make the move to a board seat, but aren’t sure how.”  Among “board wannabe” ideas:

pinkWanting to “get on some boards” is not enough for success, Ward writes.  Are you trying to build your current career resume, or shop your skills around to other companies?  Are you seeking to make a difference with a nonprofit, or to help guide a venture startup?  Develop a board “wish list.”

pinkWhen execs rise to the VP or president level, they’ve built up an impressive, extensive resume’, but it’s often light on boardroom specifics.  Print out a copy, Ward suggests, grab a highlighter, and “mark everything that has anything to do with boards of directors.”  Then expand on these items.  “This is the start of your board-specific resume’,” which differs from the broader, career-based one.

pinkPart of any successful board resume’ is “actual boardroom seat time,” Ward notes.  Gaining these skills with boards of nonprofits, professional associations, charities, and cause-related groups helps build credibility, and also extends your board-specific networking.

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