Boardroom INSIDER for… JULY




(July, 2015) Online social networking sites have not only become global hangouts for much of the world, but are crucial to modern business and career success. No wonder, then that Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have become important tools both for those seeking corporate board seats, and those vetting board candidates.

Yet corporate “board wannabes” aiming their career paths toward the boardroom still make too little use of these valuable social networking tools, says an article in the July issue of online governance monthly Boardroom INSIDERRalph Ward, BI editor and board trainer, writes that, as corporate board recruitment expands beyond its traditional “boy’s club” circle into deeper research on prospects, “smart use of social media now belongs in any board-seeking effort.”

Hints included in the BI article include:

pinkTwitter is a powerful tool for noting current nonprofit and charitable board affiliations, and building networks of “followers” connected to boards and governance at target companies.  Board-related hashtags, such as #corpgov and #governance, help “bring you up to speed on governance matters, as well as who’s who” in the field.”

pinkLinkedIn is a strong business networking tool, and the smart exec board wannabe treats his or her LinkedIn profile “like a personal website, with a good photo and titles that pitch your skills in compact sentences.”  Ward also suggests nurturing LinkedIn skill endorsements, particularly Governance, Venture Capital, M&A, Finance and other areas valued by board search committees.  “Be generous both in seeking and giving endorsements.”

pinkFacebook remains popular, but Ward suggests keeping one’s profile inoffensive to anyone searching your board potential — avoid using it as “your let it all hang out venue.”  He notes that the looser, informal atmosphere of Facebook makes it a good venue to research background on companies before making board or career moves.

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