Boardroom INSIDER for… AUGUST



(August 3)  Corporate boardrooms have a great deal that’s considered “unspeakable” says the August issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDER — and the company pays the price.

According to publisher and governance speaker Ralph Ward, this reticence leads boards into all kind of problems. “Boardrooms are a singularly bad environment for frank, free discussion,” Ward writes in the August BI. Closely-held and family company boards have long personal histories of taboo topics. At public companies, the trend toward faster board turnover and refreshment shapes “a board of nodding acquaintances uncomfortable popping up with comments or queries.”

Whether the subject is the CEO’s health (or expense account), a budget item that doesn’t add up, a failing pet project, or a board member who snoozes through meetings, “good governance suffers for this awkwardness,” writes Ward.

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