(Dec. 5)  In November,  KPMG and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants released its “Balancing Rules and Flexibility” report which ranked the corporate governance systems in 25 markets around the world. The results show rising stars in good governance, such as Singapore and India, but also wide variation in world governance rules.

However, this global diversity in corporate governance regulation is actually a hidden source of strength, writes publisher and business speaker Ralph Ward in the December issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDER.

“There are gems tucked away” in the governance codes and laws of all nations, writes Ward. Smart “why doesn’t everybody require that”- type ideas are “salted into national codes that could benefit governance worldwide.”

Ward, who speaks on boardroom issues internationally, has uncovered such ideas as a South African requirement that boards use “Integrated Reporting” (IR) in judging stakeholder concerns. The Malaysian securities commission code includes “a great blueprint for the board learning about and managing company risk.” And Gulf states, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, mandate that listed companies file an annual “governance report” on the performance of their board and overall corporate governance.

Ward calls for research to uncover and collect these worldwide good governance finds. “They prove the old saying that all of us are smarter than any one of us.”

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