Boardroom INSIDER for… OCTOBER



Top headhunting firms coined the term “war for talent” a decade or so ago to describe the growing competition for executive talent needed at the apex of corporations to drive innovation and growth. Though this “war” ebbed and flowed with the global economy, the October issue of online journal Boardroom INSIDER sees a new front open in the a boardroom battle for director talent.

“Solid operational knowledge and achievement is crucial for gaining a board position today, and is much sought by boards and recruiters,” writes BI publisher and governance educator Ralph Ward. Older trends saw “eminent names” who looked good in the annual report, and more recently finance and legal expertise required for tougher regulatory demands. But now activist investors are campaigning their own board slates to shake up companies, as seen at Darden and other corporations.

These “invader” nominees bring specific industry background to drive turnarounds from the boardroom. Not only does this make the slate appealing to other investors, but Ward sees this trend driving an overall boardroom wave toward a competition for strong operational skills. Rather than viewing these savvy activist board candidates as a threat, he notes that “the smartest board response is to jump first in improving their own bench strength.”

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