Boardroom INSIDER for… MARCH



Corporate board members have plenty of worries to keep them up at night. But, says the lead article in the March issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDER, there are far more things directors don’t know about that should be scaring them.

As examples, BI publisher and governance speaker Ralph Ward notes that “at this moment, your board doesn’t know”… that someone, somewhere in the company’s computer network just opened an email that will soon demand $10,000 in bitcoins, or it will erase everything in the system. That your CEO (from whom you’ve never bothered to demand a succession plan) just took an ambulance ride to an emergency room. That your divisional VP of sales told the latest in a string of his assistants to come up to his hotel room… where he’s wearing only a towel. That your CFO is right now looking at her computer screen, and wondering desperately how she can keep the auditors from finding out. “When would your board learn about a disaster in the making,” Ward writes. “How would you respond… and why didn’t you already know of the danger?”

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