Boardroom INSIDER for… APRIL




(April, 2015) The nonprofit sector — education, charities, parastatals, co-ops, NGO’s, etc. — makes up a huge share of the world economy, and is a huge player in civil society.  Yet the board and governance tools needed to shape and monitor this nonprofit galaxy for too long have been under-studied and underserved.

The April issue of online governance monthly Boardroom INSIDER aims to change that, with special reports on the unique challenges of nonprofit strategy planning, governance, and leadership. “In crucial ways, nonprofit boards may deliver even better governance than corporate boards,” says BI publisher and boardroom speaker Ralph Ward.

While the past decade has seen compliance and legal busywork gobble up more for-profit boardroom time, boards of nonprofits “have more time for strategy, advice, and mentoring management.”  Further, Ward notes that nonprofit directors receive no pay for their work, so their governance is “motivated by the mission, to lobby, volunteer and network” for the nonprofit.

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