Boardroom INSIDER for… OCTOBER



Observers in the corporate and media world, even seasoned activists, refer to a company’s “corporate board” as a unitary entity, usually one that just exists when the group gathers around a big mahogany table.  But the November issue of online monthly Boardroom INSIDER notes that “the real action today is found at the board committee level.”

The board’s committees — audit, compensation, governance, finance and others — increasingly handle the heavy lifting of corporate boardwork in the post-reform era, writes BI publisher and board commentator Ralph Ward.  “Audit, disclosure, compliance, paysetting, and keeping the company out of trouble are the technical, specialized things at which committees excel.”

Yet the specific tools, structure, talent and leadership committees need to deliver on their new duties remain weak and sporadic.  Ward calls on board professionals, consultants, and directors themselves to pool knowledge and best practices to help “committees meet the demands of independent oversight.”

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